Awarding Certificates to Graduates in May 2023

Awarding Certificates to Graduates in May 2023Awarding Certificates to Graduates in May 2023
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On May 3rd, a ceremonial awarding of certificates took place for the graduates of the international IT Academy DevEducation, who successfully completed their training and are ready to embark on their careers!

Each graduate received an official document certifying their knowledge in various IT fields. Each of them has completed a full course in their chosen profession, acquiring and validating the necessary skills to work in the IT technology sector.

DevEducation congratulates the graduates on this significant accomplishment and encourages them to continue their journey in the IT world, applying their knowledge in practice and reaching new heights!

Awarding Certificates to Graduates in May 2023

Our team takes pride in the academy’s graduates finding successful employment in IT companies worldwide. We are confident that only high-quality education enables you to unlock your potential and achieve the greatest triumphs.

DevEducation persistently develops and introduces new courses and educational programs to assist our students and graduates in attaining new heights and becoming experts in their respective fields.

Awarding Certificates to Graduates in May 2023
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