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Alexey Kottov

PHP Developer, Mastermind

I have always been interested in IT, but I didn’t have the educational background or the professional skills to pursue it as a career. I actually studied geopolitics and worked for a transportation company, but in the 2 years after I graduated, I realized three important things: I was tired of doing the same things, a traditional office set-up was not the right place for me, and I wanted to develop in a new field. That's how I got into IT. I was 25 and lacking self-confidence, so I dropped out of my study program several times. In the end, I took a course and discovered my first programming language, PHP, before in a web development course and learning Laravel and PostgreSQL. Even with little experience, I found I was almost immediately hired. I spent two more years in an office before the opportunity finally came to work on my own schedule. I got a job as a remote developer and moved to Thailand. Now, I remotely manage several projects for two companies, create niche social networks, and develop chatbots. I spend most of my time building high-load systems and microservice architectures and telling students about the peculiarities of backend development, as well as sharing examples from my own practice.

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