About us

Dev Education School is an educational nonprofit project, whose goal is to educate everyone (any age and level of training) relevant IT specialties.

Our mission is to educate as many people as possible and give them the opportunity to receive demanded and highly paid profession in the shortest possible time. The school presents sites, facilities, educational programs and teachers.

The main thing is the desire to learn, to be as involved as possible and to show the result. The best graduates receive invitations for internships in IT companies and the opportunity to work with real modern technological projects. Best interns will receive an invitation to work.

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The beginning

In 2004, VadimGontsov, together with partners, implemented the non-profit, which allows young entrepreneurs with no experience to create their own companies. To date, more than 130 startups have been created that have attracted more than $ 300 million in investment. Vadim Gontsov’s life credo: “If you want to be - be!”, which he conveyed to his students and followers along with experience.


“When we first created DevEducation, we were very worried, because the community traditionally helps older people. But this time, our goal was precisely the younger generation. We wanted to show them new opportunities and open new horizons. The goal of DevEducation is to support the young generation and help them find their place in life, ”- YakovLivshits.


According to the director of the Dnieper Jewish community Zelig Brez, DevEducation will become the basis for professional training of a whole generation of young people. Like LDS (the Society for the Distribution of Labor), created more than 100 years ago, DevEducation is designed to educate people in decent professions for decent earnings. Society is strong when the majority in it have a high income and the opportunity to provide a decent life for themselves and their children.

About school

IT-school DevEducation is a non-profit educational project created in 2017 on the basis of the Dnieper Jewish community and LDS (labor distribution society) "Training and Employment" at the initiative of the American businessman Yakov Livshits. The course teacher and ideological inspirer was Vadim Gontsov, and the coordinator was Natalia Medvedeva. Over the first year of work, the Training and Employment program has graduated over 250 graduates, more than 90% of whom were immediately employed in the IT field.

О школе

The DevEducation project is successfully developing and provides training for the most popular IT areas. At the moment, such courses as Mobile Xamarin (iOS + Android), Basic, manual and automatic testing, FrontEnd are popular. We create competitive specialists for the Ukrainian market who get jobs in leading companies in the IT industry.

О проекте


“Do you want to be someone? - Be! ”

That was the slogan of the talented programmer and teacher Vadim Gontsov. Over 20 years of teaching, he opened the world of IT to hundreds of students. His vast experience and a wide range of knowledge in the subject area laid the foundation for a new approach in teaching.

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Our teachers

Ivanov Alexander
Ivanov Alexander
CRM Department Head

Experience QA Automation / QA Lead on projects related to financial trading and CRM systems

Savchenko Alexander
Savchenko Alexander
Technical leader

Design and development of mobile applications for Android / iOS platforms based on Xamarin

Konstantin Karnoza
Konstantin Karnoza

Front-end web developer experience on Desktop and Mobile SPA. JavaScript, React

Oleinik Andrey
Oleinik Andrey
Technical leader

Design and development of microprojects and administration systems in PHP

Gadatskaya Tatyana
Gadatskaya Tatyana
Course TeacherNET (C#),

Work experience 12 years of programming, application development, and IT teaching experience

Inna Marchenko
Inna Marchenko
QA manual course teacher

Works since 2004 as QA Engineer, Product Specialist, QA Department Manager in leading companies of the Dnieper

Alexander Pred
Alexander Pred
Head of IT School DevEducation, Kyiv

Web Apps Design & Development and the building architectures of the client applications

Elena Pred
Elena Pred
QA Lead

Deputy Head of DevEducation IT School, Kiev QA manual / QA Lead experience on projects related to financial trading and CRM systems