Our graduates

  • Игорь Слипченко

    Igor Slipchenko

    WebApp / Quality Automation Engineer

    "Before joining DevEducation, I worked as an engineer at a metallurgical plant. I devoted a lot of time to self-education, read books and passed online tests. Courses have helped me systematize existing knowledge. Thanks to interesting practical tasks, I acquired the necessary skills in work: prioritization, teamwork, as well as understanding of business needs. After the training, I successfully passed the interview and at the moment I work in the position of QA Engineer."

  • Андрей Гапон

    Andrey Gapon

    Front-end / Department Head

    "In the learning process, there was a situation in which someone should take responsibility for the project and organize the work process. DevEducation courses helped uncover the talent of a manager. After the courses, I accepted the offer to work as Project Manager. After 2 years of successful work, our team has grown to the level of a full cycle WEB development department. Now I hold the position of Department Head."

  • Владислав Куц

    Vladislav Kuts

    QA Engineer (course QA/AT)

    Vladislav has long would like to be a tester in the IT field. At first, he studied himself - with books and videos on the Internet. Upon the time, he realized that it is just the time to systematize his knowledge and join DevEducation. While the courses, he appreciated the training intensity, support, and sincere teacher's interest. The constant homework did not frighten but helped to become a professional faster. Thanks to the QA courses, Vladislav expanded his knowledge and graduated from DevEducation as a confident tester.

  • Екатерина Белая

    Ekaterina Belaya

    QA Engineer (course QA/AT)

    Before she found out about DevEducation, Catherine worked as an accountant. Her friends brought her to IT - they told how creative a programmer's work could be. Catherine did not know anything about testing but risked enrolling in the course without basic knowledge. DevEducation IT College destroyed all the stereotypes about development - it turned out to be easy, exciting, and not scary to study testing. After graduating from college, Catherine got her first job in IT and is now building a career in a large company.