Many of the graduates of DevEducation were able to achieve high results
in the selected direction. Today our former students are in demand
specialists in the Ukrainian IT industry, heads of departments in international
companies and budding developers.
We maintain close relationships with many graduates
and proud of their achievements!

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  • Анастасия Чугаева

    Anastasia Chugaeva

    "Anastasia, a graduate of DevEducation, is a good example of determination and perseverance to achieve her goal. She currently holds the position of Quality Assurance Engineer in a large international company. During the course, Anastasia learned to take the initiative, as well as be a QA Lead. Thanks to theoretical knowledge and practical skills, she was able to complete an internship at the end of the course. And after 3 months she received a full-fledged offer of cooperation. "

    WebApp / Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Алексей Заярский

    Alexey Zayarsky

    "I managed to work as a courier in a delivery service, managing an Internet cafe and even a director of a quest room, but I always knew that I wanted more. I signed up for DevEducation courses. While the course was going on, I devoted all my time to learning and self-realization. Changing your life cool and changing your profession is a challenge to yourself. Today I work for WizardsDev, a large IT company, as a Project Manager. I am grateful for the opportunity these courses have given me. Now I am helping the same purposeful guys myself, sharing my knowledge and experience gained in the process of work. "

    Mobile / Project Manager
  • Андрей Гапон

    Andrey Gapon

    "In the learning process, there was a situation in which someone should take responsibility for the project and organize the work process. DevEducation courses helped uncover the talent of a manager. After the courses, I accepted the offer to work as Project Manager. After 2 years of successful work, our team has grown to the level of a full cycle WEB development department. Now I hold the position of Department Head."

    Front-end / Department Head
  • Игорь Слипченко

    Igor Slipchenko

    "Before joining DevEducation, I worked as an engineer at a metallurgical plant. He devoted a lot of time to self-education, read books and passed online tests. Courses have helped me systematize existing knowledge. Thanks to interesting practical tasks, I acquired the necessary skills in work: prioritization, teamwork, as well as understanding of business needs. After the training, I successfully passed the interview and at the moment I work in the position of QA Engineer. "

    WebApp / Quality Automation Engineer

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