Java Developer

Learn to design, develop, implement, and maintain Java-based programs, components, and services. Integrate data with user interfaces to create business applications for any enterprise, from e-commerce to e-learning and all aspects of the digital transformation movement.
From the first week of training
of 50% for each student
Course duration
5 months
Average salary
Teaching language

This profession is for those who:

Wants to learn the universal language Java
Wants to learn the universal language Java
Can manage their time and wants to work remotely
Can manage their time and wants to work remotely
Wants to start a career in IT and develop in programming
Wants to start a career in IT and develop in programming

How to start a career in IT?

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Course program

  • Java SE 9, Part 1 of 14: Install and Introduction
  • Java SE 9, Part 2 of 14: IntelliJ and Operators
  • Java SE 9, Part 3 of 14: Classes and Objects
  • Java SE 9, Part 4 of 14: Composition and Arrays
  • Java SE 9, Part 5 of 14: Interfaces and Streams
  • Java SE 9, Part 6 of 14: Swing and Flash Card Application
  • Java SE 9, Part 7 of 14: Intro to Java FX
  • Java SE 9, Part 8 of 14: Application Login
  • Java SE 9, Part 9 of 14: Expressions, DB and Threads
  • Java SE 9, Part 10 of 14: Project Setup and Login
  • Java SE 9, Part 11 of 14: Errors and Listview
  • Java SE 9, Part 12 of 14: Custom Lists and Updates
  • Java SE 9, Part 13 of 14: Vaadin and HTTP Introduction
  • Java SE 9, Part 14 of 14: Weather Application
  • Java Design Patterns, Part 1 of 7: Observer and Decorator Pattern
  • Java Design Patterns, Part 2 of 7: Factory and Singleton Pattern
  • Java Design Patterns, Part 3 of 7: Adapter and Facade Pattern
  • Java Design Patterns, Part 4 of 7: State and Proxy Pattern
  • Java Design Patterns, Part 5 of 7: MVC and Builder Pattern
  • Java Design Patterns, Part 6 of 7: Prototype and Mediator Pattern
  • Java Design Patterns, Part 7 of 7: Memento, Interpret and Bridge Pattern
  • Spring Boot, Part 1 of 4: Getting Started
  • Spring Boot, Part 2 of 4: REST
  • Spring Boot, Part 3 of 4: Monitoring and Data
  • Spring Boot, Part 4 of 4: Caching and Batching
  • OWASP, Part 1 of 4: Avoiding Hacker Tricks
  • OWASP, Part 2 of 4: Forgery and Phishing
  • OWASP, Part 3 of 4: Threats and Session Security
  • OWASP, Part 4 of 4: Misconfiguration and Data Encryption
  • OWASP Top 10 2017 Update
  • OWASP Proactive Controls, Part 1 of 2: Controls 1 through 5
  • OWASP Proactive Controls, Part 2 of 2: Controls 6 through 10

What will your resume look like after training?

Junior Java Developer
Hard Skills
  • Java Core, Java FX
  • Spring Boot
  • Networking, REST (HTTP, WS), Nginx
  • Unit Testing
  • ReactJS, MVC, MVP, MVVM
Soft Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Time management

Advantages of training at DevEducation

Ability to study from anywhere in the world at a convenient time
Practice from the first classes and the creation of a quality portfolio
Training is systematic and conducted by experienced IT-specialists

Student Feedback

  • Polina Gerasimova
    Polina Gerasimova
    Frontend Developer
    The course is well-planned, there are video lessons, reading materials and practical assignments. We had daily meetings with the expert on weekdays, where we could ask questions. If something wasn't clear, they always helped. I also want to mention the excellent work of the course supervisors. Always supportive, always kept in touch, and helped with all questions. I really liked the course. Especially the projects in the virtual laboratory. They were very interesting, you had to think for yourself and come up with some solutions. I think it was a good course to enter the IT sector. That's why I recommend it to everyone and wish you good luck!
  • Liya Ivaninskaya
    Liya Ivaninskaya
    Project Manager
    Despite the fact that in the past I already had experience as a packaging manager (very similar to PM role), the course surprised me. I did not know that the leadership style could be changed. I thought that some people are gifted and some are not, for example, to inspire people to follow themselves. But the course made me realize that there are tools for that, and it is possible to practice and achieve your goals. I went to the course having a test project. And, for the sake of the experiment, I began to do everything in accordance with the advice from the course. It is amazing: you just take it and do it, and the path from the idea to the finished site lies under your feet. In fact, finding a new project is not a problem after the course. Now, looking through the vacancies for the PM role, I can say: "Yes, I understand it, I know these words, and I know what to do with it and how to work”.
  • Mariia Spivak
    Mariia Spivak
    Java Developer
    I graduated from the DevEducation course in Java. Immediately after completing the course, I was invited for an interview with a company, which I successfully passed, and now I am finishing my probationary period. It is very valuable that the courses were taught by guys who work as developers. They shared invaluable experience and knowledge, were always in touch and answered all the questions that came up. After the first lesson, we already started to practice, and at the end of the course we created a whole project as a team. The school really promotes real IT specialists and gives a chance for interesting and promising work.
  • Anastasia Koval
    Anastasia Koval
    Project Manager
    I found out about courses from DevEducation through their instagram page. During my studies, there were many new things for me. Some stuff was absolutely unknown, but İ knew a few things already and thanks to the courses I deepened my knowledge. The course is very condensed, in just 5 weeks we managed to go through what one would normally do in a year of study. Everything that we learned was very practical, not theory, but taken from real situations. This is due to the fact that all the teachers are acting PMs in different companies. I am grateful for the experience they gave us.
  • Violette Kuzmenko
    Violette Kuzmenko
    QA Automation Engineer
    I came to DevEducation as a newcomer to IT. I gained a lot of theoretical and practical QA skills which I can easily apply to my current work. DevEducation not only gives you experience, but also the opportunity to realize your potential. This enables you to become a professional and reach greater heights. Don’t be afraid to start something new — try it and you won’t regret it.
  • Victor Zozulya
    Victor Zozulya
    Java Developer
    I worked as a bartender for a long period, but had also wanted to try out IT for a long time. What matters at DevEducation are the people. The head of the academy personally spoke with me in the interview, and I felt supported by all the staff throughout training. The teachers placed great importance on quality training and the ability to find a job quickly and efficiently. I’m now a software developer and my work has given me the chance to learn multiple libraries and languages. But it was DevEducation that laid the foundation for all of this!
  • Valentin Zuev
    Valentin Zuev
    QA Automation Engineer
    Before joining DevEducation, I worked a lot of jobs — courier, sales representative, online store manager, and content manager. But in each of them, there came a moment when I realized that I was no longer advancing. Then I decided to find a field where there would always be opportunities to grow, so I chose IT. DevEducation courses helped me create a huge foundation of knowledge, practice a lot, and participate in hackathons with teams from different countries. I currently work for WizardsDev in a QA/AT role. Remember: no matter who you were and what you've done before, set yourself a goal and build your own successes!

Most frequently asked questions

The course is taught in English.
At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate confirming your qualifications.
The training takes place in an online format. You can study at any convenient time.
Courses are taught by subject-matter experts with more than 5 years of experience, as well as current employees of partner IT companies.
The grant holder has no legal or financial obligations to the academy. You have the right to refuse to use the grant or to use it to take another course.
The program can be found at in the "Courses" section. You can also leave a request and we will tell you the details over the phone.
Leave a request on our website, we'll call you back and help you choose the right field.
Go to, choose a course of interest, and look through the description of the ideal student. From it, you will learn what knowledge will be useful for getting a grant.
After taking the Java course, you will be able to work in international and foreign companies, think critically, and code in the most popular language in the world.
Yes, all classes are held online.
If you received a grant, you will have a contract with you that specifies the name of the course and the number of study hours. Also at the end of the course, you will receive a report on the work done.
Yes, in as little as 5 months, with up to 1 hour a day of study, you will have an in-demand profession.
We are a non-profit project, and we try to make sure that every interested student gets a training grant. A student's desire for a grant means a strong passion for the IT industry. We support people who are enthusiastic about the idea of becoming professionals. The price of the course when you get the grant is symbolic. It is simply a filter against unscrupulous students and an indicator of the seriousness of the student's intentions. We don't make money on selling any course. Our benefit is to supply IT companies with high-level specialists — much higher than what job sites or HR services provide. We give the highest quality training in the market of IT education in terms of getting a profession. The content of the training programs is initially focused on the real TOR of modern IT companies. We know exactly what you need for employment. We agreed with the partner companies to allocate money for training. This made the courses accessible to any interested student. Even though we meet the demands of business, we play completely on the side of the student in terms of the learning process.  

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This course will teach you how to create, improve, and effectively utilize various types of artificial intelligence.
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Frontend Developer Teaching language: Russian
The course is an introduction to modern web development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
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DevOps Engineer Teaching language: English
The course is an introduction to DevOps methodology and will teach how to deploy applications, work with cloud technologies and source code libraries, and organize continuous integration and delivery.
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Java courses

Java courses

IT specialties today are in much higher demand in the labor market. Even those who have qualifications in other fields are increasingly deciding to change careers in favor of IT. Moreover, age, education, and abilities do not play a big role: the industry is wide enough and many people can find their place. Here, it is possible to find work of a technical nature, as well as analytical and more creative. There are different programming languages, algorithms, scripts, and so on. All of these technologies are used in manufacturing, commerce, service, education, and in people's daily lives. Considering so many options, there is a high demand for information technology specialists. Therefore, it is quite realistic to be trained and get a prestigious job. It is only necessary to choose the most appropriate area, gain a theoretical basis, and build up initial experience. You can do all this at DevEducation programming courses. The educational platform provides a convenient format of study, in-depth knowledge, and highly qualified practicing teachers. A certificate from DevEducation and completed tasks in the portfolio will significantly improve the graduate's position among candidates for jobs at large international IT corporations.

Java: A multifunctional programming language

A window of opportunity for the beginner opens up by learning Java. This high-level language was developed by the American company Sun Microsystems, and the new product hit the market in 1995. It operates on different electronic platforms: Windows, Mac, and different versions of UNIX. What is Java? It is a typed object-oriented programming language for general use by users. It was created by experts from the Java Community Process, and it is distributed under the GPL license. Oracle owns the trademark. Programs written in Java are often translated into byte code, making them usable on all computer architectures implemented through the Java virtual machine. The versatility of JAVA is confirmed by the slogan, "Write once, run anywhere." The popularity of using the product is confirmed by the official ratings: the second position in the lists of IEEE Spectrum for 2020 and TIOBE for 2021. Now there are different versions of the language for different needs: in particular, applications for enterprises are created in J2EE, for mobile extensions — in J2ME.

7 facts about popular programming language

Let's take a look at the features of Java:
  1. The development was intended as an assistant in the programming of household electrical appliances, but over time, experts have discovered many other useful features.
  2. This is a fairly stable programming language: it can be used to read codes that are more than 20 years old. That is why Java is highly valued by the world's major companies, especially those in finance. For example, among its consumers are such corporations as eBay, Amazon, Intel, Oracle, Citigroup, IBM, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays.
  3. The popularity of the product is confirmed by international ratings: according to TIOBE, it is in the second position among languages. The list is based on the number of developers who use Java, suggestions for learning this type of programming, and other parameters. According to ORACLE, the number of gadgets working with this language, to date, is more than three billion.
  4. Developers in this programming language are highly paid for their work. The Ukrainian market offers an average salary for a Junior level specialist of about $800, a Middle — $2,000, a Senior — about $3,600, and an Architect can earn up to $6,000.
  5. Projects for the Android operating system are created in Java. It is used along with Kotlin, but it is impossible to learn it without knowledge of Java.
  6. The development works on the WORA principle. That is, "write once, run anywhere." Thus, programs can be run in any JRE runtime environment.
  7. Java has a history of large amounts of code, it needs constant support. Therefore, Java developers are highly valued and in high demand in the labor market around the world.

Why professionals choose Java

The object-oriented programming language is highly typified. The basic principle of Java is to write code for a program once so that it can then be applied in different places with an available runtime environment. Development helps create applications for smartphones, tablets, virtual gaming devices, supercomputers, and PCs. What you need to know about the advantages of Java:
  • Cross-platform nature. As we mentioned earlier, the same code is suitable for creating applications on different operating systems and hardware platforms.
  • The code is very reliable. Because of the high typing, the developer will have a more precise type to fit any expression or variable. The compiler allows to quickly and clearly identify the problem and work on fixing it.
  • Multitasking. Due to the flexibility of the programming language, it can participate in the development of different programs. These are both common entertainment applications, e-commerce, and highly loaded systems.
What are the reasons for the high demand for Java training in 2022:
  • The language has existed for many years. Nevertheless, it is still widely used today.
  • Since many industries use Java for their development, there are plenty of job offers for specialists to write this code.
  • The learning process is quite simple. The language is not characterized by too frequent feature updates. At the same time, there is support for previous features for each new version of Java.
  • Expanded capabilities. Once we have learned java, it is much easier to start learning C languages. These include C#, C and C++, JavaScript, and Solidity.
  • Powerful community of Java specialists. While working with the code, the developer can seek help from various thematic forums, websites, and libraries that will provide technical support and practical advice.

About the technical advantages of using Java

Let's take a look at the technical advantages of this programming language:
  • It's object-oriented: Java presents everything as an object. All add-ons are quite easy to expand since they are based on the object model.
  • Platform independence: compared to other languages such as C and C++, for example, Java does not compile on a specific device, instead, it compiles in independent byte code. It is promoted on the Internet and is also interpreted in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
  • Simplicity. It's easy to learn and start coding in a programming language. For those professionals who are aware of the basis of operation of an object-oriented system, the process of understanding Java is simplified, and they will quickly be able to grasp the knowledge base.
  • Safety. Platform authentication is designed on public-key encryption.
  • The language is architecturally neutral. The compiler projects architecture-neutral volumes in file format. Thus, the compiled code can run on many processors, including the Java Runtime system.
  • Portability. Complementing the previous point, the language does not depend on the implementation of aspects of the specifications. The compiler is built in ANSI, which has pure portability — a subset of POSIX.
  • Accuracy. It works to eliminate errors in different positions, focusing on parameters such as compile time and checking for runtime errors.
  • Multithreading. A special feature allows the development of applications to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It allows programmers to work on fine-tuned interactive programs.
  • Interpretability. The system translates Java byte code into machine-type instructions, which are not stored.
  • High performance. The just-in-time compiler greatly increases performance.
  • Dynamics. Java is more adaptable to different conditions than C or C++. There are many functions that do not interfere with the data processing to analyze and provide access to various objects.
  • To accessibility, we add the ability to support work in distributed Internet conditions.

Where to take a Java course from scratch

If you are interested in learning Java, we can safely recommend courses from DevEducation. The online school offers an accessible learning format for its students. The program is designed so that you can get both a high-quality theoretical basis and complete material about this programming language with examples adapted to modern conditions. Professional teachers also prepared practical tasks to consolidate the material. Thus, each student who completes the course will not only have a certificate from DevEducation but also real cases that can be placed in the portfolio. This will significantly increase employment opportunities in global IT companies. Learning a course has a significant advantage over learning a new programming language on your own. First, you will get verified and up-to-date information, and second, the school gives faster results. What other advantages of taking courses from DevEducation can be highlighted:
  • The course is taught by practitioners who are well aware of how Java development is done now and what is most important in the work.
  • Learning tasks will be checked by instructors and each student will receive personalized feedback.
  • You can get your first work for your portfolio and a little practical experience.
  • The courses open up more job opportunities.
  • In the process of learning, you devote all the time to a full immersion in the material. It is almost impossible to do this on your own in between routine activities.
  • You get a community of classmates who are interested in and developing in the same field you chose.
  • Opportunity to interact and consult with professionals.
And these are just the basic privileges you get in DevEducation courses. The main one is the opportunity to change your life dramatically by getting a position in a prestigious company in a fast-growing and in-demand field. Don't hesitate to make a decision, learning Java will bring you closer to your dreams today!