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Evgeny Orlov

Senior Full Stack Developer, novice businessman

I became interested in IT back in 2010, when I was at school. I was a prize-winner in competitions, participated in school hackathons. I clearly decided for myself: programming is my future, I need to go to university. I became a teacher of informatics and in a year I dropped everything. I was not attracted to the study. And now I understand why. A lot of useless information, dry theory and the absence of any motivation. I had the feeling that I was useless and that I would never get a good future. I dropped out of university, but I did not drop out of IT. I studied on my own. Started out with Python, later I became a full-fledged full-stack developer using Django and Angular. After six years of work he grew into a Senior Full Stack Developer. A year ago I created a small financial technology startup. I like to implement new technologies and always keep abreast of the latest developments. I try to use modern approach to API writing in my projects, so I use GraphQL. I'm also a big fan of dynamic typing and object-oriented programming. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by ambitious professionals, who didn't let me stray from my path. However, I know guys who were more talented and diligent than me, but became disillusioned with the profession and gave it up for good. So my goal is to tell more about the opportunities in IT, to explain complicated things in simple terms and to motivate to success. Programming is accessible to almost everyone. Do you feel that it's yours? Then don't just stand still, move! All opportunities are in front of you.

About Partnership with Gyfted
About Partnership with Gyfted
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